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Two celebration.
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 | 11:25 AM | 0 panda

Long time no see, so I'm back. Yes, I miss blogging :-p

Well, Hi November!!!! Today is 1/11/12, and 5 days left and 16 days left. Okay whatever. You guys don't know what I mean right? Wakakaka :-p that date is very meaningful  to me. TO ME. 

So, PMR is over about two or three weeks ago. Ha-ha I hope my result will be fine :/ InsyaAllah. 

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Ohhhhhhhhh yea, so Happy Halloween to those who celebrate this day. Ha-ha. Not in Malaysia -,- Malaysia doesn't have "Halloween Day" okay :-p so, I dedicated to Cimorelli! Cimfam!!! Haha. Bye

Asal aku speaking doh? ._. nak cuba je. Dah lama tak belajar dah ahahahaha :D

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